About Jekyll-UiKit


Built in UiKit, with an elegant homepage, blog and archive pages, and lighting fast search with Algolia. Build a simple and beautiful website or blog in a few hours or less.

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  • 100% compatible with GitHub Pages!

  • Available to install by forking, cloning, or as a theme gem.

  • Responsive layout.

  • Simple landing/ home page.

  • Paginated blog page with follow links on last page.

  • Tag archive page that automatically populates with tags from posts. ie: [tag1, tag2, tag3, etc]

  • Optimized for search engines with support for Twitter Cards and Open Graph data

  • Comments powered by Disqus, with Staticman integration planned.

  • Google Analytics support

  • Large header image support with bigimg.


This theme wouldn’t have been made possible if it wasn’t for:

Also, thanks to

And many other people and things that I am forgetting.

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